Gardening has always been a popular activity and now recent statistics show an increased interest in gardening with double-digit growth in the number of home gardens. Whatever your gardening interest, this website is designed to provide useful, research-based information to assist you with your gardening needs.  

Here are a few of the horticulture services we provide:
Diagnostics Lab
Our horticulture staff provides diagnostic services for problems relating to plants, fruits, vegetables, lawn, shrubs, trees, etc,. as well as identification of bugs, insects, and other garden pests.  Please bring a recently picked identifiable portion of the plant to be diagnosed including stems, leaves, and/or roots. For lawn samples, please bring at least a 4”x 4” square sample that includes the roots.  Bugs, insects or garden pests can be brought in a jar or sealed in a plastic bag. Samples may need to be left overnight for identification. The cost for our in-house diagnostics is $1.  Please choose one of the following forms to fill out and bring in with your sample.
·         Flowers
·         Fruits
·         Houseplants
·        Insects
·         Lawn
·         Plant & Weed Identification   
·         Spiders
·         Trees/Shrubs
·         Vegetables
Integrated Pest Management Advisories
The Utah IPM pest advisories provide weekly or seasonal pest information for tree fruit, small fruits, vegetables, landscapes, and turf.  Advisories are delivered to your email inbox.  Archived advisories are also available on the IPM website. 
Soil Testing
Regular testing helps develop and maintain more productive soils for farming, gardening, and landscaping. Soil tests indicate whether plant nutrients are deficient and, if so, what amounts are needed for maximum growth. Soil testing is also a useful diagnostic tool to identify problems related to excessive levels of nutrients and salts, high pH, low organic matter, and poor drainage. When properly interpreted, soil tests promote more favorable conditions for productive and aesthetically pleasing gardens and landscapes.
Boxes and instructions are available in our office.  Soil samples are mailed by the customer to the USU Analytical Lab in Logan. A routine soil test costs $14 and tests the pH, salinity, texture, P, K, and offers recommendations. Results are sent in about 10 days.
Master Gardener Program
The USU Master Gardener training program is an intensive training that covers a wide range of horticulture topics. It is divided into two parts. The formal training consists of 40 or more hours of classroom and laboratory training. Classes cover basic botany, soils, fertilizers, vegetables, fruits, entomology, pathology, turf grasses, tree, shrubs, ornamental flowers, pesticide safety, pest management, and interior plants. In addition to the training, students must complete a minimum of 40 hours of volunteer time before being certified as a Master Gardener.  
The Master Gardener class is offered every year in the spring.  The cost is $200. Afternoon classes are offered in the USU Extension office in Provo and evening classes are offered at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi.  For additional information, please contact us at 801-851-8479 or send us an email.