Food $ense Nutrition Education Program

What is F$NE?

Even the United States, the wealthiest nation in the world, is home to many people that wonder where their next meal is coming from or how their food is going to get their family through the entire month. The Food $ense Nutrition Education (F$NE) program aims to help low-income families budget properly and get the best nutrition out of what they can afford. Whether or not you are receiving food stamps, you may qualify to attend our public classes free of charge.  If you would like to know if you qualify, please see the Eligibility information below.  If you do not currently qualify for assistance but would like to attend our free public classes, please contact us (801-851-8460).  You are also welcome to bring a friend who may qualify to the classes.

                                                                                   Do you qualify for Food Stamps?

Online Pre-Screening Tool
Eligibility Information
 Please contact our office at 801-851-8460 and ask to speak with a Nutrition Education Assistant (NEA) if you are interested in participating in the F$NE program. You may also contact us through email at

This website contains details about upcoming classes!