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The USU Extension Sustainability initiative offers programs for educators, youth, producers, and the general public in various areas of sustainability. Interested in professional development? University accredited sustainability certifications? Tools and techniques to save money and improve your lifestyle? Find them in our program series. 

National Sustainability-Focussed Extension Programs

Explore USA Extension programs with a sustainability focus on this page. Each program offers sustainability information, workshops, and/or events. Environmental sustainability serves as the foundation as without healthy land, water, air, food, and forms of energy, economic and social sustainability are not possible. Discover programs available in your community, state, and/or across the United States. These programs are helping to improve our environmental, social, and economic conditions. Click here to view our national directory or to submit your program.

Permaculture Workshops

USU Extension Sustainability has partnered with Community Rebuilds to offer permaculture workshops! Join permaculture expert Joel Glanzberg in an all-day training, then work with Joel and our team of experts to implement a permaculture rain garden! Permaculture uses a systems approach to design, seeing the site - and the wider ecological and man-made systems interacting with the site - as connected. The design focuses on perennial agricultural ecosystems that emphasize renewability, sustainability, and self-sufficiency. Learn more and sign up for the workshop here. 

Sustainable You! Camps

USU Extension Sustainability Summer Camps are designed to foster awareness and behavior change among youth through activities and reflection in the five major areas of environmental sustainability: Land, Air, Food, Water, and Energy. Objectives are to help youth 1) Discuss and reflect on key sustainability concepts; 2) Engage in daily activities that improve the natural environment; and 3) Learn daily actions extending beyond the camp that lessen their impact on our environment and conserve resources.

In August 2014, USU Extension Sustainability, in partnership with Canyonlands Field Institute, will launch a Sustainable You! Summer Camp at Canyonlands Field Institute headquarters in Moab, UT. Click here for more information and to register

Two sustainability camps were offered in the Summer of 2013: One at Stokes Nature Center in Logan, UT and the other at Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter in Park City, UT. More information can be found, here, along with how parents registered. Stay tuned for future Sustainable You! camps in these and other locations. 

Utah Farm-Chef-Fork

Utah Farm-Chef-Fork is a USDA Specialty Crop funded program, that is a collaboration between the USDA, Utah State University Extension Sustainability, and Slow Food Utah. The goal is to enhance community vitality and reduce food miles by connecting Utah producers and restaurants. Click here for more information.