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A Guide to Common Gardening Questions Now Available

 As written by Bryon Saxton in the Standard Examiner, in an article entitled "Utahns get gardening book":

FARMINGTON — A user-friendly guide to help Top of Utah residents with their fruit and vegetable production this growing season is now available.

The book, “A Guide to Common Gardening Questions,” has been co-written by Utah State University Horticulture Extension Assistant Professor Katie Wagner, USU Agricultural Extension Professor Shawn Olsen, and Dan Drost, USU Extension vegetable specialist.

The cost of the instructional book is $10, and it can be purchased at the USU Extension offices in Ogden, Farmington and Salt Lake City, as well as some area stores.

Olsen said the 105-page booklet centers around answering the thousands of gardening questions USU Extension Service offices receive each year from the public.

“The book gives locally adapted recommendations for successful vegetable and fruit production in Northern Utah areas,” Olsen said.

The book does not address ornamental gardening, said Olsen, who presented copies of the book to the Davis County Commission at its  regularly scheduled Tuesday meeting.

“This is excellent,” Commissioner Louenda Downs said of the section of the book that provides the planting season for specific vegetables.

“What a great read,” Commissioner Bret Millburn said, hoping the book also contained a chapter on how to prevent mountain deer from eating the greenery around his home.

Olsen said the USU Extension Service put the book together because of the large number of new move-ins to the state who are unfamiliar with Utah’s growing seasons.

“This user-friendly, step-by-step guide provides Utahns with instructions on garden preparation, variety selection, garden layout and planting, suggested planting dates for different areas of Utah, starting garden plants from seed and container gardening,” Olsen said.

The book also includes information on garden soil, garden maintenance, weed control and fall-time garden turn down.

“The guide provides information on many types of growing practices that have been proven effective through extensive research and data analysis by Utah State University Extension faculty,” he said.

The book can also be ordered online at 

Link to the Standard Examiner article by clicking here.