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2014 National Bike Challenge

The National Bike Challenge unites 50,000 riders from across the country to ride 30 million miles. This is a fun, free, lifestyle-changing, earth-respecting event.

In just three years, the Challenge has helped support thousands of bicyclists — new and old — to make every mile count. MapMyRide is a preferred app during this challenge and syncing accounts is simple – just log-in with your credentials, and your’e set!  Join by creating a team, earning badges winning prizes and sharing your accomplishments. It’s never too soon or too late to join. Utah State University is signed up as a school in the challenge, which won first in its category nationally in 2013!

USU Moab signed up as a new team under USU this year, with 8 riders to-date ( 

Ride your bike for fun, to work, on the trail — anytime you can. Stay updated on the initiative’s progress through their website. Join the challenge at!