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Advancing Climate Change Environmental Education: Resources and Suggestions Available

What is POLCA? 

From the North American Association of Environmental Education website: The Climate Change Environmental Education POLCA (Project-based Online Learning Community Alliance) was formed in the spring of 2013 as part of the EPA-funded EECapacity project. The Alliance has just released the materials produced by nine working groups and are making these materials available to the public.

Formal and informal educators will find research findings, standards, and teaching suggestions appropriate for social studies, language arts, science, and interdisciplinary teaching/learning—and links to valuable resources for working with K to adult learners.

What Information is Available? 

On the website, you can access research on how people learn, environmental psychology, and climate change, then discover teaching/learning strategies to apply these research results in the field. Want to tie in climate science to academic standards? The website also provides key details on how to do so. Lastly, essential questions separated by age group are also listed to provide learner-focused delivery. 

Download the free materials, here.