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Free Solar Site Assessments in Utah!

The Utah Chapter of the Sierra Club has partnered with Creative Energies Solar to offer rooftop solar power generation tailored to your roof and your budget. Check out our new rooftop solar webpage and get a free quote.

Power generated by the major utilities in Utah is still dominated more than 80% by coal-generated electricity. Wouldn't it be great to use clean, renewable energy when you microwave popcorn or recharge your iPad? Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are a way for consumers to offset their carbon footprints and increase their autonomy while voting with their pocket books for cleaner energy.

Sign up for a free quote about going solar and take a big step to cut energy costs and protect Utah's beautiful environment!

With prices for solar power systems falling continuously, and a range of attractive incentives, now is the time to take a second look. For many Utah consumers who opt for solar power, it's possible to get retail credit for the energy you produce. You might be surprised by the potential savings.

Creative Energies Solar uses equipment routinely at or near the top of industry rankings for efficiency and reliability. They have selected REC photovoltaic modules and Enphase micro-inverters, both on the tier one list of PV equipment according to the CA Energy Commission. The equipment is covered by up to a twenty-five-year warranty depending on the manufacturer, and the installation is covered for ten years under Creative Energies' workmanship warranty.

Need More Information?

Keep an eye on your mailbox for more news about this offer. We're also offering free Solar 101 workshops. Even if you don't think you're in the market for solar panels, you can get a quote and see how much you might be able to save on your power bill. Creative Energies offers financing options, too.

Utah Chapter of the Sierra Club, Creative Energies Solar, & USU Extension Sustainability