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Business Recycling: Utah Governor's Office Incentives

In 1996, the Utah Legislature created the Utah Recycling Market Development Zone Program which focuses on recycling as an economic development tool. As more products are recycled and used to manufacture new products the economy will be stimulated through new company expansion or formation and the creation of additional jobs. The zone legislation was established to incent businesses to use recycled materials in their manufacturing processes and create new products for sale. It also benefits business or individuals that collect, process, distribute recycled materials. Composting is considered to be eligible recycling operation.

Eligible recycling businesses that are located in designated Recycling Market Development Zones qualify for:
• 5% Utah state income tax credit on the cost of machinery and equipment
• 20% Utah state income tax credit (up to $2,000) on eligible operating expenses
• Technical assistance from state recycling economic development professionals
• Various local incentives

To find out whether your business is eligible, visit the Recycling Market Development Zones page of the Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development