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A Zero Waste World through a Circular Economy- Is it Possible?

A new article in Ensia Magazine features how “when the economy goes in circles, everybody wins.” With rising pressures, forward-thinking companies in Europe and some U.S. states are finding ways to take back, reuse, refurbish or recycle all kinds of things that would otherwise be thrown away.

New Swedish Device Effectively Improves Harmful Indoor Air Pollution

Swedish researchers have developed a simple device called the "surface emissions trap," which significantly improves indoor air quality by trapping harmful chemicals emitted from glues, paints and building materials. The trap also removes emissions from mould and unpleasant odors.

National Park Service Green Parks Plan

The Green Parks Plan has established environmental performance targets for our National Parks, empowering staff to be agents of change, collaborating with stakeholders, and engaging millions of visitors to support this effort during visits and while at home. This plan is making a big difference!