Workshop Host Responsibilities

Host County Responsibilities for Small Acreage Workshops…

  1. Select date and confirm with Small Acreage Issue Team Leader.
  2. Find local facilities with capacity to hold the general sessions (100 people) and 2 to 3 concurrent breakout sessions.
  3. Work with Small Acreage Issue Team Leader to help facilitate workshop agenda and local speakers. Team Leader will help arrange for needed specialists from USU.
  4. Advertise Small Acreage Workshop…look at alternative locations and people for advertising to a new and different clientele.
    1. Mailing of brochures with advanced registration information form
    2. Posters in public locations frequented by different types of small acreage owners.
    3. Arrange local Newspaper, Radio, Television promotion.
  5. Arrange for local vendors booths at workshop location…items available and useful to small acreage owners.
  6. Accept and count pre-registration information and numbers…submit numbers of pre-registered attendees to Team Leader one week prior to workshop.
  7. Arrange for lunch and breaks on sight.
  8. Collect (for use of presenters) as many screens, projectors and laptops as necessary (some specialist can bring some of the equipment if requested)
  9. Provide registration help the morning of the workshop to facilitate collection of fees, handing out packets, and last minute walk on registrations, etc.
  10. Provide the opening session “This is the State of Small Acreage in ________county” (local issues and surrounding information relating to the local needs and resources for small acreage owners).