"Manage Your Land for Wildlife" book now available


Contact: Jim Knight at 994-1750 or jknight@montana.edu


A new book available from Montana State University Extension Publications can help landowners manage both their land and wildlife.  "Manage Your Land for Wildlife" is a book written by wildlife biologist James Knight for Rocky Mountain landowners who want to improve wildlife habitat and quality on their land. Knight worked for 25 years as an Extension wildlife specialist before becoming MSU Extension's associate director.


"If you are a landowner, you are a wildlife manager," Knight said. "You can influence how healthy the wildlife populations are on your land, where they congregate and how their habitat and populations are managed."  The book provides information useful for landowners of both small plots and large acreages. It includes information on developing trophy wildlife antlers and horns, harvest strategies and how to monitor big-game populations.


During Knight's 40 years of professional experience, he has developed strategies and techniques to help landowners be better wildlife managers. He has shared that information through hundreds of articles, radio and television appearances, lectures, workshops and one-on-one consultations. "Other than the superb treatment of management techniques, this book also addresses such vital subjects as wildlife damage and control, wildlife management assistance, and the ins and outs of conservation easements," wrote Jim Zumbo, host of Jim Zumbo Outdoors television program and former hunting editor of "Outdoor Life" magazine. "My only regret is that this work wasn't written sooner."


The 256-page book has management information on more than 20 species of animals, including life history, habitat needs, water and nutrition requirements, disease and predation dangers and more. It also includes 21 full page, full color photos as well as full color diagrams of planting and habitat recommendations.


The book can be ordered from the MSU Extension Distribution for $29.95, which includes postage. Contact the distribution center online at publications@montana.edu or by calling (406) 994-3273.


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