Utah State University

Participant Survey - Small Acreage Workshop

1.  Which workshop did you attend (select all that apply
2.  Which workshop did you attend (select all that apply
3.  Have you visited the Utah State University Extension small acreage web site? (http://extension.usu.edu/smac).
4.  Have you visited other web sites introduced during the workshop?
5.  Were you aware that Utah State University Extension was a small acreage resource before attending the workshop?
6.  Have you made any contact with USU Extension for assistance since the workshop? What kinds of resource information were you seeking? How many contacts?
7.  Did you attend a workshop with hands on (outdoor) experience? If yes, was it valuable? What other experience would have been beneficial?
8.  If you did not attend a hands on workshop, would it have enhanced the workshop you did attend?
9.  Was there something missing from the workshop that would have enhanced the workshop experience for you?
10.  Based on the value of the workshop you attended, was the price you paid to attend:

For marketing preparation and to help small acreage owners understand more of the intent of the workshop and help them want to attend.

11.  What title would you give this workshop?
12.  Where would you advertise to get better attendance?
13.  What is your workshop format preference for the Small Acreage Workshops
14.  Reflecting on the workshop(s) you attended on Small Acreage, how would you rate the educational effectiveness of this event? (1 low, 5 high)
15.  Was there a practice that you have adopted and/or implemented in managing your small acreage as a result of attending the workshop? Please describe.
16.  What has been your SUCCESS in implementing a new practice? Please list your project/practice and rank level of success (1 low 5 high)
17.  Were any of the workshop sections highly useful to you. Please list them
18.  Are you happier with the functionality of your acrage now compared to before you took the workshop. Explain.
19.  Are you more aware of potential problems with your acreage now compared to before you attended the workshop?
20.  Do you produce anything of economic value (something that could be sold) on your small acreage now compared to before the workshop? List items and annual value estimates.
21.  Has your understanding of the activities you engage in that affect the environment and your property, been enhanced as a result of the workshop?
22.  Have you used the printed materials that you received at the workshop?
23.  What Topics should Utah State Unviersity be researching in order to be more helpful to Small Acreage Owners?
24.  What are the major challenges you face in managing your small acreage?