Gardening/Feeding the Family



Gardening and landscaping are extremely popular in urban areas and, in many ways, the public's main connection with agriculture and the natural world around them.  Extension offers an extensive catalog of publications on every aspect of landscaping and gardening.  We have demonstration gardens in several areas around the state where you can see plants and landscaping techniques before you try them at your home.  Underlying all of our gardening programs is conserving water - Utah's most precious resource.

Family gardens, whether large or small, can help supplement the family food budget and provide considerable satisfaction and enjoyment.

When planning the garden, prepare the soil with the necessary amendments, consider and plant crops that the family will utilize; including the appropriate amounts of each variety, plan for adequate and appropriate irrigation and don't forget insect and weed control needs.

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Larry Sagers, USU Extension Regional Horticultural Agent, is on the Saturday KSL Greenhouse Show.

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