Sanpete County Agriculture & Natural Resources


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    Sanpete County Agriculture & Natural Resources

    Sanpete County is one of the primary agricultural production regions in the state. In 2007 County Production Statistics (2007 Utah Agricultural Statistics), the county ranked first in the production of turkeys and had the largest inventory of sheep in the state.

    The Sanpete County Extension office is involved in developing research and educational materials and programs to assist the agriculture community with production goals.

    The Utah State University Extension Office in Sanpete County is here to bring the resources of the University to the good folks in Sanpete County. 

    USUAL: Soil, Manure, Plant, Feed, and Water Testing

    USUAL is here to help you solve many of your gardening, lawn, plant, and animal feed problems. We are the only soil testing lab in Utah open to the general public. We work closely with your County Extension Agent to best serve you.

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    For help with a gardening question or for more information: Matt Palmer, (435)-283-3472,