Food Sense Nutrition Program

Learn how make healthy meals at a low cost with our nutrition assistants for FREE!

Call 385-468-4840 to schedule a class for your group or check out the Calendar for classes.
You probably have lots of concerns about the foods you give to your family. Is it a nutritious meal? Will your family eat it? Can we afford nutritious food? We do not have time to eat the way we should!
The goal of SNAP is to help answer these questions and improve the likelihood that you and your family will make healthy food choices within a limited budget and in the time you have to do it. This program allows the participants to practice their skills and to share their new knowledge and skills with their families.
SNAP strives to attain many of the following goals:
  • Help families to create lifestyle changes through educationDescription:
  • Promote good nutrition and health
  • Create positive changes by experiencing cooking and trying new things
  • Set goals and achieve them
  • Enhance the joy of preparing and eating food together as a family
  • Teach practices related to thrifty shopping and preparation of nutritious foods
  • Learn to safely handle, prepare and store food
SNAP has nutrition assistants who will:
  • Provide nutrition information
  • Give budgeting and shopping tips
  • Share recipes
  • Work with you in the kitchen to prepare recipes

For more information call our Salt Lake County Extension office, 385-468-4840
OR visit the 
State Food Sense Website!