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    Salt Lake County Office Information

    Phone Numbers:

    Receptionist/General Inquiries (385) 468-4820
    Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m

    Plant Diagnostic Desk (385) 468-4828
    Mon, Wed and Fri, 9am-noon

    Food Safety and Preservation (385) 468-4837
    Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m

    Business Hours:
    Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

    (385) 468-4823

    Salt Lake County Extension Office
    Salt Lake County Government Complex
    2001 South State Street, Suite S1-300
    Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4575
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    Faculty & Staff

    Andree Walker

      Andree' Walker Bravo

      Urban Extension Director

      385-468-4825 | andree.walker@usu.edu

      Areas of Expertise:  Organizational Management, Community Relations, Water Quality,  
      Environmental Education, Outreach, Fundraising

    Sharolyn Hanley

    Administrative Assistant

    385-468-4822 | sharolyn.hanley@usu.edu

    Sunny Bird


    385-468-4820 | sunny.bird@usu.edu

    Katie Marie Wagner

      Katie Wagner

      Horticulture Faculty

      385-468-4826 | katie.wagner@usu.edu

      Areas of Expertise:  Plants & Gardening, Insects & Pests, Landscaping, Organic Garden
      Practices, Pollinator Education, Soils

    JoDeane Condrat

    Master Gardener, Gardening Home

    385-468-4828 | mastergardener@usu.edu

    Tessa Groff

    Horticulture Staff Assistant

    385-468-4824 | tessa.groff@usu.edu

    Marilyn Albertson

      Marilyn Albertson

      Family & Consumer Science Faculty

      385-468-4836 | marilyn.albertson@usu.edu

      Areas of Expertise:  Financial Literacy and Stability, Housing and Homebuyer Education, Family  
      and Consumer Issues, 4-H Leadership

    Shauna Bagley

    Family & Consumer Science Staff Assistant

    385-468-4835 | shauna.bagley@usu.edu


    Finance Program Coordinator

    385-468-4816 | 

    Kirstin Kvam

    Finance Program Assistant

    385-468-4816 | kirstin.kvam@usu.edu

    Stacy Abbott

    Family & Consumer Science Assistant - Homebuyer Education

    801-477-7391 | hbeonline@usu.edu

    Anne-Celeste Openshaw

    Family Life Educator


    Heather Johnson

    Family Life Educator

    801-707-3272 | heather.johnson@usu.edu

    Melanie Jewkes

      Melanie Jewkes

      Family & Consumer Science Faculty

      385-468-4838 | melanie.jewkes@usu.edu

      Areas of Expertise:   Regional Food $ense Nutrition Program (SNAP-Ed), Food Preservation,    
      Family and Relationship Well-Being, Finance: Marriage and Money Issues

    Shauna Bagley

    Family & Consumer Science Staff Assistant

    385-468-4835 | shauna.bagley@usu.edu

    Ann Woodbury

    Home Economist Helpline

    385-468-4837 | ann.woodbury@usu.edu

    Mindi McFadden

    Family Life Education Assistant


    Amanda Ford

    Family Life Education Assistant


    CJ Sadiq

    Family Life Education Assistant


    Penny Ramey,  Laura Streeter, Heather Shober,  Katie Kapp,  Kaitlin Waters, Allison Cowdell, Jasmine Latimer 

    Food $ense Nutrition Education Assistants


    Vernon Parent

      Vernon Parent

      4-H Youth Programs Faculty

      385-468-4832 | vernon.parent@usu.edu

      Areas of Expertise:  Youth Leadership Training (teamwork, communication, leadership skills),
      STEM Education, Agriculture/Urban Interface Problems, Youth Career Opportunities

    Cathy Hashimoto

      Cathy Hashimoto

      4-H Youth Programs Educator

      385-468-4833 | cathy.hashimoto@usu.edu

      Areas of Expertise:  4-H and Youth Programs, Youth Leadership and Skill Development, After
      School Programming

    Mark Mathis

    STEM Program Educator

    385-468-4817 | mark.mathis@usu.edu

    Paula Ericson

    4-H Staff Assistant

    385-468-4830 | paula.ericson@usu.edu