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Meadow Creek





Plate 121 MEADOW CREEK: 1942 - 1943 - 1999 This is at the head of Meadow Creek below White Pine Peak. Note the active soil erosion on the distant hillside in 1942, and how the area was being contour trenched in 1943 prior to reseeding by the Forest Service. As evidenced by the 1999 photo, even the foreground was eventually so treated. Sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) appears more abundant in the 1999 photo than earlier, possibly because the trenches accumulated additional soil moisture. Aspen (Populus tremuloides) regenerated sometime before 1942, but does not appear to have done so since.

Photo Information:

1942 photo taken in July and 1943 taken in October by the U.S. Forest Service; 1999 photo is Kay #4493-31, taken on Sept. 6. Forest Service photos [2500A-55 and A-56--Erosion Effects] held by Fillmore Ranger District, Fishlake National Forest, Fillmore, UT

Vegetative Community:

Aspen, Dry Meadow, Sagebrush


South Central: Pavant Mountains, Fishlake National Forest, Fillmore Ranger District; T22S, R3W, Sect. 31, UTM 4300900 N, 393400 E; elevation 9,640 ft., viewed to north.

January 2018