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Plate 43X. Sugarloaf 1935-2002 Viewed northeast to Sugarloaf (6,942 ft.) in the town of Boulder, Utah. Shown in the original is a mail carrier, who was about to leave Boulder for Escalante. Mail was delivered by pack mule to Boulder until the Boulder to Escalante road was completed in the late 1930’s. This photograph was taken in front of the old post office shown in Plate 39x. Woody riparian vegetation appears to have increased.

Photo Information:

U.S. Forest Service photograph 307744 taken by K.D.Swan in 1935; retake by Charles E. Kay on July 10, 2002 - - Photo No. 4968-25. Original photo held by the Utah State Historical Society, Reed W. Bailey Collection, Salt Lake City, UT and U.S. Forest Service Regional Office Photographic Collection (2310-Dixie-211) housed at Weber State University, Ogden, UT.

Vegetative Community:



South West: Section 36, Range 4 East, Township 33 South; UTM 463500E, 4193320N; elevation 6,420 ft.

January 2018