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Sevenmile Valley




Plate 27. SEVENMILE VALLEY: 1964 - 1996 The silver sage (Artemisia cana) in the foreground appears largely unchanged, as do the more distant willow (Salix spp.) communities. Aspen (Populus tremuloides) have increased in height by 1996, but most are not regenerating. Conifers on the distant knob appear to have increased in both height and density. The area was grazed heavily by cattle in 1996.

Photo Information:

1964 photo [508422] taken on Aug. 16 by the Forest Service; 1996 photo is Kay #4030-32 taken on Aug. 3. Forest Service photo held in the National Agricultural Library, Washington D.C.

Vegetative Community:

Wet Meadow, Riparian, Aspen, Conifer


South Central: Fishlake N.F., Loa R.D., T24S, R2E., Sect. 27, UTM 4282600 N, 441600 E; elevation 9,450 ft.; view to northeast.

January 2018