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Plate 269. SCIPIO 1941-2000 Viewed east along the north side of the Scipio cemetery. The sagebrush field in the original has now been plowed and planted to crested wheatgrass. Sagebrush appears unchanged where it was not treated. Pinyon and juniper have increased on the distant hillsides.

Photo Information:

U.S. Forest Service photo 411023 taken on June 14, 1941; retake by Charles E. Kay on August 6, 2000 - - Photo No. 4676-23; Original photo held by Utah Historical Society, Reed W. Bailey Collection, Salt Lake City, UT.

Vegetative Community:

Sagebrush, Pinyon, Juniper


South Central: Section 8, Range 2 W, Township 18 S; UTM 405500 E, 4346300 N; elevation 5,325 ft.

January 2018