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Lower Johnson Wash




Plate 858X. Lower Johnson Wash 1915 – 2005 Viewed southeast across the lower end of Johnson Wash. This area is also known as Hells Bellows. Crescent Butte (5,588 ft.) is in the distance. The road has been widened and paved. Woody riparian vegetation now dominates Johnson Wash where none was present in the past. Willows and cottonwoods are common, but Russian olive and tamarisk are also present. Pinyon and juniper have increased in the distance. Sagebrush and rubber rabbitbrush have increased on the benches above the wash.

Photo Information:

Original photograph taken ca. 1915; retake by Charles E. Kay on June 18, 2005 - - Photo No. 5452-13. Original photograph held by the Kanab Museum, Kanab, UT.

Vegetative Community:

Riparian, Pinyon, Juniper, Sagebrush


South West: Section 24, Range 5 West, Township 43 South; UTM 369975 E, 4102650 N; elevation 5,240 ft.

January 2018