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Little Valleys




Plate 928X. Little Valleys 1957 – 2005 Viewed east along line two of the Little Valleys Parker Three-Step Transect north of Panguitch Lake - - see Plates 926x and 927x. Mima mounds dot the meadow. Deeper soils on the mounds support silver sage, mountain big sage, and rubber rabbitbrush, while native grasses, primarily Stipa spp. and Poa spp., grow on the shallower soils between the mounds. The mounds were created by pocket gophers. In the distance, aspen has declined, while conifers have increased. The area was actively being grazed by cattle in 2005. Elk use was also evident.

Photo Information:

U.S. Forest Service photograph (unnumbered) taken in 1957; retake by Charles E. Kay on June 26, 2005 - - Photo No. 5476-33. Original photographs, negatives, and reports held in the range files on the Cedar City Ranger District, Dixie National Forest, Cedar City, UT.

Vegetative Community:

Dry Meadow, Sagebrush, Aspen, Conifer


South West: Section 34, Range 7 West, Township 34 South; UTM 356200 E, 4185450 N; elevation 8,680 ft.

January 2018