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Hogan Ranch




Plate 1. HOGAN RANCH: 1902 - 1995 Juniper (Juniperus spp,) has increased markedly on the distant hillside. Aspen (Populus tremuloides) has declined as conifers have both grown and thickened. (The 1902 photo was taken in the fall of the year when aspen was leafless.) Rabbitbrush (Chrysothamnus spp.) has increased around the sub-irrigated meadow; sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) has increased as well. Vegetation in the 1902 photo suggests a history of frequent, low-intensity fires; plant communities in 1995 reflect minimal fire disturbance for an extended period.

Photo Information:

1902 photo [#34264] taken by the Forest Service on Oct. 15; 1995 photo is Kay #3910-33 taken on Aug. 13. Forest Service photo held by the Forest Supervisor’s Office, Fishlake National Forest, Richfield, UT

Vegetative Community:

Aspen, Sagebrush, Wet Meadow


South Central: Paradise Valley, Fishlake N. F., Loa R.D.; T25S, R4E, Sect. 23; UTM 461000 E, 4274600 N; elevation. 7,550 ft.; view to west.

January 2018