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Dry Wash




Plate 394X. Dry Wash 1932- 2003 Viewed southwest down Dry Wash to Antimony, Utah. The East Fork Valley and Sevier Plateau are in the distance. The original photograph was taken to document the newly deposited erosional debris in Dry Wash. Today, significantly less sediment is being transported down Dry Wash. Pinyon and juniper have increased throughout the image, including the lower slopes of Table Mountain. Wyoming big sage and black sage have increased in the foreground. Indian ricegrass (Oryzopsis hymenoides) is also present. There were no signs of livestock grazing on this site, but the area is used by wintering deer and elk.

Photo Information:

U.S. Forest Service photograph (271999) taken by Reed Bailey on September 17, 1932; retake by Charles E. Kay on September 1, 2003 - - Photo No. 5279-17A. Original photograph held by the Utah Historical Society, Reed W. Bailey Collection (Box 5), Salt Lake City, UT.

Vegetative Community:

Pinyon, Juniper, Sagebrush


South West: Section 7, Range 1 West, Township 31 South; UTM 417800 E, 4220100 N; elevation 7,660 ft.

January 2018