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Doctor Creek Cove




Plate 9. DOCTOR CREEK COVE: 1930 - 1995 The shoreline has changed dramatically since 1930 – instead of a wave swept gravel beach, the area is now primarily a swamp. The lake level appears to have fallen and a large amount of gravel and other debris apparently have been washed in by Doctor Creek. It is not known if this infilling is natural or a result of lakeshore development. In addition to new roads, parking areas, and summer homes, a diked marina at Lakeview Lodge now extends well into the lake (see Plate 6). The lake level also may have lowered when the dam on the outlet failed and/or the outlet was channelized. Aspen (Populus tremuloides) has decreased while conifers have increased. This area is known as Tabiona Bay after a native leader who signed a peace treaty in 1873.

Photo Information:

1930 photo [#253132] taken by the Forest Service on Sept. 13; 1995 photo is Kay #3928-2 taken on Aug. 15. Forest Service photo held by the Forest Supervisor’s Office, Fishlake National Forest, Richfield, UT; and the Forest Service Regional Office Photographic Collection [2300-Fishlake-20] housed at Weber State Univ., Ogden, UT)

Vegetative Community:

Riparian, Aspen, Conifer


South Central: At Fishlake, Fishlake N. F., Loa R.D.; T26S, R2E, Sect. 19; UTM 42665330 N, 435900 E; elevation 8,843 ft.; view to southeast.

January 2018