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Clear Creek




Plate 17. CLEAR CREEK: 1916 - 1996 Conifers at the base of Hilgard Mountain (upper left) have increased both in height and numbers, as would be expected in the absence of fire. Elsewhere this is part of the climax aspen (Populus tremuloides) zone that extends along the north side of the Fishlake Plateau. This area does not appear to be as heavily grazed as other areas on the Fishlake National Forest and many aspen stands have successfully regenerated without cutting or burning. Aspen has not only increased in height but many clones have expanded in size, especially across the creek. Except for the upper elevations, few conifers are invading these aspen stands, something that is rare in south-central Utah.

Photo Information:

1916 photo [#27968A] taken by the Forest Service; 1996 photo is Kay #4021-18 taken on Aug. 2. Forest Service photo [RG-95-G] is held by the National Archives, Washington, D.C.)

Vegetative Community:

Conifer, Aspen, Sagebrush


South Central: Below Hilgard Mountain, Fishlake N.F., Loa R.D., T24S, R4E., Sect. 31, UTM 4281200 N, 456300 E; elevation 9,550 ft.; view to northwest.

January 2018