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Blue Spring




Plate 1001X. Blue Spring 1941 – 2005 Viewed southwest to Blue Spring southwest of Panguitch Lake. The area was very heavily grazed in 1941. Beaver felled most of the aspen around the spring, but repeated browsing eliminated any aspen sucker height growth, eventually killing most of the clone - - see Plate 1000x. The spring is now fenced to exclude livestock, but aspen has not returned except for a few saplings on the east edge of the pond. Conifers have increased. The large ponderosa pine and Douglas fir on the opposite shore have not been logged. Some of those trees, though, have been killed by insects and disease.

Photo Information:

U.S. Forest Service photograph (410848) taken by Paul S. Bieler in June 1941; retake by Charles E. Kay on August 1, 2005 - - Photo No. 5502-12A. Original photograph (2610 – Dixie – 4) held in the U.S. Forest Service Regional Office Photographic Collection housed at Weber State University, Ogden, UT.

Vegetative Community:

Conifer, Aspen


South West: Section 18, Range 7 West, Township 36 South; UTM 352150 E, 4171800 N; elevation 8,500 ft.

January 2018