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Big Flat




Plate 144 BIG FLAT: 1933 - 1999 The stock watering trough in the 1933 photo is at a spring just south of the Big Flat Guard Station. The pole and rail fence visible in both photos (right center) is part of the corral at the Guard Station. Conifers have grown to block the view from the 1933 photo point necessitating moving the 1999 photo point approximately 150 feet forward. The line of shrubs visible in the foreground of the 1999 photo are growing at the location of the old water trough. The area continues to be grazed in 1999, but not as heavily as in 1933. The conifers in the distance in the 1999 photo appear to have increased in abundance as aspen (Populus tremuloides) has declined. All of the aspen stands have been heavily invaded by conifers and have not regenerated.

Photo Information:

1933 photo #368978 taken by the U.S. Forest Service; 1999 photo taken by Kay #4500-32 on Sept. 7. Forest Service photo [2500-Watershed] held by the Beaver Ranger District, Fishlake National Forest, Beaver, UT, and the Forest Service Regional Office Photographic Collection [2240-Fishlake-18] housed at Weber State Univ., Ogden UT

Vegetative Community:

Dry Meadow, Aspen, Conifer


South Central: Beaver Mountain, Fishlake National Forest, Beaver Ranger District; T29S, R4W, Sect. 18, UTM 4238300 N, 381300 E; elevation 10,080 ft., viewed to southwest.

January 2018