North Logan City Cemetery, Utah

Currently North Logan City is the only city in Cache County without a city cemetery. A total of 45 acres of land are to be purchased by the city for a combination cemetery/park. Due to budget constraints the master plan was proposed in 5 stages. 5 acres of land currently owned and ready for development comprise the first stage, 15 acres of land currently owned comprise the second stage, 20 acres of land will be purchased for a park and water retention pond, the remaining 25 acres will be purchased if sufficient funds are acquired. The design revolves around a standard grave plot grid allowing for ease of expansion. The planting design accommodates for this grid while maintaining an informal scheme. The plantings are also located to screen the first stage of the cemetery from the rest of the park spaces. The final product included a master plan, suggested plant species, PowerPoint presentation, and a 3-D fly though animation. (Finished: 01-04 Designer Chad Kennedy)