Muddy Creek Bridge; Emery, Utah

Original placement for the interpretative site seen in concept #1.

Aerial image of the two sites used in designing both concepts 1 and 2.

Original concept for the Muddy Creek Bridge Interpretive site.


Thumbnail sketches from concept 1, designed in Sketchup.

Current base map for the 2nd concept plan NW of the original site.

Sketchup generated thumbnails of concept #2. Landform is much more incorporated into this concept.

Thumbnails of the shade structure and kiosk designed from the original 1940’s Muddy Creek bridge design seen below.

Original bridge from which the shade structure was to be designed. Notice the “t-bird” design on the side of the bridge correlates with the actual shade structure design.


When the 1940's Muddy Creek Bridge was recently torn down, a need for mitigation was fulfilled by creating an interpretative site nearby in Emery, UT. The basic need was for a shade structure to be designed utilizing the old "t-bird" theme, seen on the bridge facade. Since the original concept drawings, the site has been moved across the highway as seen at the top of this page.

(Finished: (Still in planning) Designer: Matthew Durkovich)