Kane County Courthouse; Kanab, Utah

Existing views of the courthouse and surrounding grounds.

Base map of the design, providing a strong balance between the shapes and forms of the east and west plazas, with a lawn area inbetween.

Sketchup produced thumbnails of the courthouse and lawn areas.

Typical detail of the grass to gravel connection between lawn area and shaded seating area.

Detail of the east plaza redesign.


The main goals for this site were to make inviting seating areas in both the east ans west redesigned areas of the site; retain the general grass area for gathering, festivals, etc; provide several nice areas for small groups to gather in and wait during the court sessions; and minimize the impact of design on site - furthered by implementing native plants on site. These objectives were met by simply reconstructing the east and west areas to meet the needs of passive pedestrian activity, and convienence of entering and exiting the building.

(Finished: 2006 Designer: Matthew Durkovich)