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For more information on how the Rural IntermountainPlanning Program can assist your community please contact us at the address or phone number below.

4005 Old Main Hill Logan, Utah 84322-4005 (435) 797-0511

David Bell
Phone: (435)797-0511
E-mail: davidb@ext.usu.edu

Keith Christensen
Phone: (435)797-3997
E-mail: keithc@cpd2.usu.edu

Dave Rondina
Phone: (435)797-8217
E-mail: rondinad@cpd2.usu.edu

Justin Kmetzsch
Phone: (435)797-8217
E-mail: jkmetzsch@cc.usu.edu

Jennifer Hale
Phone: (435)797-8217
E-mail: jhale@cpd2.usu.edu

Matt Durkovich
Phone: (435)797-8217
E-mail: howudoin35@hotmail.com

Michael Jones
Phone: (435)797-8217
E-mail: mdjones@cc.usu.edu