Hare Figwort

    Hare Figwort

    Common Name(s):

    Hare Figwort
    Lanceleaf Figwort
    American Figwort

    Scientific Name:

    Scrophularia lanceolata Pursh

    Scientific Name Synonyms:

    Scrophularia pectinata Raf.




    Life Span: Perennial

    Origin: Native

    Growth Characteristics: Hare figwort is a tall, erect plant, growing 2-7 feet tall, and 2-4 feet wide. 

    Flowers: The flowers are irregular in shape, the petals being reduced to a single, small, bilobed upper petal, and can range in color from red, yellow, and orange to brown and green. The flower often has a yellow lower lip. . The flowers are up to ½ inch wide. It has 4 normal stamens and a single wide yellow, sterile stamen. Flowers are arranged in a highly branched panicle. Blooms first appear in late spring and continue into mid summer. 

    Leaves: Leaf arrangement is opposite. Leaves can reach 8 inches in length. Each leaf is irregularly serrated or double serrated and generally spear shaped (lanceolate) with long petioles.

    Stems:   The stems have flat sides, are square in shape,  and may be glandular near the top. 

    Growth Characteristics:

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    Ecological Adaptions:

    Often found in rocky or disturbed areas. In Utah it is found at elevations from 4,900 feet to over 10,000 feet. 
    Soils: Prefers sunny, moist, well-drained soils.
    Associated Species:  Bracken fern, foothill deathcamas, lewis flax, Utah serviceberry

    Uses and Management:

    Hare figwort has some medicinal uses.