Plant Name

    Tapertip Onion

    Common Name(s):

    Tapertip Onion
    Wild Onion

    Scientific Name:

    Allium acuminatum Hook.

    Scientific Name Synonyms:

    None known




    Life Span: Perennial

    Origin: Native

    Season: Cool

    Growth Characteristics: A 6 to 8 inch tall forb, with a dark-colored outer coat on the bulb. Reproduces both from seed and underground parts.

    Flowers/Inflorescence: The flowers are dark rose to reddish purple, the segments taper tipped and longer than the stamens. The three upper and inner petals minutely toothed on the margins. The flowers are borne in a simple umbel at the top of the stem.

    Fruits/Seeds: Fruit is a three-chambered capsule.

    Leaves: Linear and flattened, shorter than the stem.

    Ecological Adaptions:

    Tapertip onion occurs on sagebrush plains, rich meadows, rocky foothills, and mountain slopes. It often grows in dense patches, especially in moist meadows. Plant has a distinctive onion odor.

    Soils: Adapted to a variety of soils, most abundant on dry, gravelly soils.

    Associated Species: Big sagebrush, deathcamas.

    Uses and Management:

    Tapertip onion is highly palatable to sheep and cattle. It is a popular potherb.