Tree Fruit


Commercial Tree Fruit Production Guides

      Utah-Colorado Production Guide 2012 

               PDF format     interactive website 

      Pacific North West

            2012 Washington Tree Fruit Protection Guide 

            Orchards and Vineyard Weed Handbook

            Insect Handbook

   *Some pesticides listed in the PNW handbooks are labeled for

     special area use only. Please read and follow labels carefully.

Frost damage

     Critical bud temperatures

     Orchard weather station network

     Orchard frost alarm service

Site Selection

        Small Acreage Site Selection

Orchard irrigation

      Fact sheets:  Apple          Peach          Cherry

Orchard floor management

      Fact sheet:  Management alternatives

Macronutrient Management for Utah Orchards

        Macronutrient Management Fact Sheet

Fruit pests and diseases


     Research reports


     IPM pest advisory newsletter

     Mouse and vole control

Orchard chemicals

     Reference lists

Orchard sprayer calibration

     Orchard Weed Sprayer

       Airblast Sprayer


NC-140 Rootstock Research

     Utah Projects


Utah State Horticulture Association


Fruit Tree Pollination

    Pollination Fact Sheet