Reclaiming Trees

This is a very difficult task to do. Trees that have been neglected will have dense masses of limbs on the tree interior. These need to be thinned out to allow light and air through the canopy. As these cuts are made, additional growth is stimulated that will have to be removed the following year that, in turn, will stimulate more growth.  Typically, renovating old trees requires 3 or 4 years of intensive pruning.  Older trees are frequently on seedling rootstocks and occupy substantial space.  Limbs may be rotting on the inside and the tree may not be structurally sound.  It is recommended to replant rather than reclaim. You can order a new tree on a dwarfing rootstock that will take up less space. You will also be certain about what kind of tree you have — and you can expect many years of good quality fruit from the tree.