Dwarf Rootstock

Tree fruit rootstocks are chosen based on a variety of criteria. Perhaps the most important is size control. Rootstocks primarily determine tree size. Apple rootstocks are available ranging from dwarf to full-size (standard or seedling). Some size-controlling rootstocks are available for pears and cherries. There are a number of rootstocks available for peaches, plums or apricots, but these do not show the same degree of size control as those for apples or cherries.

                                       Relative size of apple trees on clonal rootstocks.


Apple rootstocks in the Geneva series are designated with a G followed by a selection number (example – G.11, G.16, G.30).  These were selected at the Cornell University research station in Geneva, New York, and are noted for resistance to fire blight.  Although these aren't as widely available as the Malling rootstocks, the presence of fire blight in Utah would make Geneva rootstocks a good choice for the home garden.