PSC 5200: Site Specific Agriculture

PSC 5200: Site Specific Agriculture & Landscape/Horticultural Management

SPAD meter being used to detect stress in wheatEach spring semester, Utah State University offers the PSC 5200 course, a site-specific agriculture and landscape/horticultural management course where students are taught the basics in precision agriculture, remote sensing, and geospatial technologies. This course involves the integration of site-specific management technology, such as computers, GPS, GIS, and remote sensing with planning, tillage, planting, chemical applications, and harvesting to optimize off-site inputs and environmental/economical sustainability in crop or landscape management.

Course objectives include developing an understanding of the concept of site specific management, critically evaluating the technology used in site-specific management, evaluating the operating principles of GPS, yield monitors, variable rate control systems, and field computers, recognizing types and sources of data and information necessary for a comprehensive precision agriculture program, understanding basic scientific principles of sensors used in precision site specific systems, and critically evaluating GPS and DGPS systems for site specific, sustainable management systems.

The PSC 5200 course is offered every spring semester, during the second block.

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