Project Director

V. Philip Rasmussen, Ph.D., Director, Geospatial Extension Program

Phil RasmussenIn 1999, V. Philip Rasmussen, Ph.D., was appointed as the first NASA geospatial extension specialist in the nation, and has served as assistant director in both the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station and the Utah State University Cooperative Extension Service. In addition, Dr. Rasmussen has been the coordinator of the Western SARE program since 1994 and has been associated with national SARE since 1988, having served on the first SAN Committee.

Dr. Rasmussen earned a B.S. in soil science with a minor in physics in 1974 at Utah State University, where he was a Phi Kappa Phi honoree and Honors graduate. He earned an M.S. in soil physics at USU in 1976 and a Ph.D. in soil physics and microclimatology at Kansas State University in 1979. He completed the Kellogg Foundation-USDA National Extension Leadership Development Fellowship in 1984 and has completed the ESCOP administrators training in Washington, D.C.

After joining USU in 1981 as an extension soils specialist, Phil earned the nickname "No-till Phil" in Utah for his Johnny Appleseed approach to scattering research and demonstration plots across the state. In 1990, he received the E.G. Peterson Award, USU's highest extension honor. He is skilled in microcomputer and electronic applications in agriculture, developing the USU College of Agriculture computer laboratory and inventing a microwave soil moisture sensor.