USU Geospatial Extension Program

Extending Utah State University to you!

New Farmhand Image - iPaq handheld computer with satellite imagery displayed. Background showing center pivot with wheat growing.Originally founded by way of a partnership between NASA and the Land Grant Cooperative Extension System located on the campus of Utah State University, the USU Geospatial Extension Program provides the Utah public with direct access to useful NASA remote sensing data, expertise and technology. The purpose of the program is to provide farmers, foresters, land use planners, and other users throughout the state with data, tools and expertise to effectively employ geospatial information technologies.

In October of 1999, the Utah Geospatial Extension Program (UGEP) became the first program of its kind started in the United States, and Utah State University professor V. Philip Rasmussen, Ph.D., was appointed as the first NASA Geospatial Extension Specialist in the nation. Dr. Rasmussen pioneered efforts to train every County Agent in the state of Utah in GIS, GPS, and remote sensing technologies, and the UGEP, under his direction, became a prototype for the other geospatial programs now currently in effect throughout the nation.