Sons and Daughters

    Sons and Daughters

    Sunday - July 9th

    Welcome and time for fun! – At our opening event, we will spend the first 45 minutes registering members, handing out shirts and covering the schedule for youth and their parents.  Following the logistics review, we will host a fun evening of interactive activities.  We encourage all participants of the Sons and Daughters tract (youth and adult) to participate in these activities as we will be introducing the staff and our guests, building friendships and having lots of fun.


    Monday - July 10th

    Hanging from the trees – Still cramped from that long flight/drive here? Well we are excited to spend a day working out those muscles in a series of team building exercises and fun on the river.  CLAS Ropes Course is nestled in a park like setting on the Lower Provo River.  Through hands on challenges and experiences you will internalize concepts like problem solving, leadership, communication, conflict resolution, group cooperation, trust, teamwork and self-confidence.  From zip lines, to canoes, you will have a blast swinging from the trees and playing in the river.


    4-H Talent Review – More details to come.


    Tuesday - July 11th

    Cerebral overload  -  From brawn to brain, we move to the second amazing day of our adventure.  For this day we’ll be splitting into two age groups: 

    Ages 10 and Under

    Youth and their accompanying parents will spend the day at Thanksgiving Point.  This amazing location hosts several attractions that you will have access to. 

    Museum of Ancient Life - Roam among the dinosaurs, explore a Carboniferous Forest, and dive deep into a Cretaceous Ocean at the Museum of Ancient Life. Visit one of the world’s largest displays of mounted dinosaurs with 60 complete dinosaur skeletons in the galleries, along with more than 50 hands-on exhibits. This is a great place to learn about pre-historic animals, play with toy dinosaurs in the Erosion Table, and dig for fossils in the quarry dig.   

    Museum of Natural Curiosity - With more than 400 interactive experiences, you can choose a new adventure each time you visit the Museum of Natural Curiosity®. In the Rainforest, explore the ancient ruins and chambers, crawl inside the 45-foot-tall monkey head, and pretend to fly the Piper Cub. At Water Works, explore science with water, wind, sun, and earth, or go to the Discovery Garden to learn about nature and the six simple machines in the Archimedes Playground. You can even explore the town of Kidopolis, where you’ll discover secret passageways and perform tricks at the magic shop. 

    Ashton Gardens - An oasis in the desert, the Ashton Gardens features 55-acres of stately gardens, grand lawns, as well as the largest man-made waterfall in the Western Hemisphere. Rejuvenate yourself and enjoy nature’s beauty in these secluded gardens. Stroll through the 15 themed gardens to enjoy the cascading fountains in the Italian Gardens, visit the newly-opened I Am The Light Of The World sculpture garden, get a bird’s eye view of the gardens from the Vista Garden, feed the fish at Koi View Pier, and discover the Secret Garden. 

    Farm Country - For all animal lovers alike, come meet your favorite farm critters such as cows, goats, horses, chickens, sheep, and pigs at Farm Country.  You could even meet some unusual animals like llamas, alpacas, and peacocks. Besides petting and feeding the animals, you can also see what it’s like to be a farmer through our hands-on exhibits. Don’t miss the chance to view a cow milking (5 pm in summer, 4 pm in winter) and learn how milk gets from the cow to being bottled at our Meadow Gold Dairy Adventure. Also, see how food is transported to the grocery store at our Soil-to-Market classroom. Check out our chicks in the incubation station and the bunnies in our rabbit hatch, and be sure to visit in April for a chance to meet our newest baby animals who make their debuts in the spring. When you’re all tuckered out, go on a relaxing pony ride or hop on the wagon for a ride around Thanksgiving Point. 


    Ages 11-18 

    Are you ready for some character play?

    Escape room ( -  Do you have what it takes to find the clues, work as a team, crack the code and overcome all to escape in under 60 minutes?  This fun interactive game room will be a great way to start off the day.

    Discovery Space Center ( ) - What you will see when you set foot on one of our state-of-the-art spaceship simulators is the bridge of a starship where you and your fellow crew member are in control. Each of you has a unique job that is critical in successfully reaching the end of your mission. You will be given a mission briefing, tasked with mission objectives, and left to make your own choices as you navigate the story together with your crew. Throughout the course of your mission you will encounter challenges that do not have a fixed solution, requiring you to consider the situation carefully and choose the best option you can come up with. You may also come face to face with one of our many actors that play the role of anything from a helpful crew member from below decks to an alien intruder.



    Wednesday - July 12th

    Adrenaline overkill – Ready for a day at Utah Premier Entertainment Park? ( Twist, turn and fly on one of Lagoons 50 rides. Feel your heart race on our X-Venture attractions. Slip and slide through whitewater waves at Lagoon A Beach. Take a trip back through the Wild West in Pioneer Village. Sing along with the best shows in town.