January/February Fraud Alerts, 4-H Family Fun Nights, Food Storage & 72 hour kit, Food Sense, The Ag Man-Want to Raise Honey Bees, 4-H Cake Decorating Camp & Contest, 4-H Lotions & Potions, Love and Logic Parent Class, Hunter Safety

March / April   7 Ways to Use Your Tax Refund, Family Fun Nights, 5 Minutes Together, Food Storage & 72 hour kit, Food Sense, Cabbage Patch Stew, ABC's AfterSchool Series, Lawns, Trees, Flowers & Gardens Class, Nutrition Classes, 4-H Portfolio Classes, 4-H Money Camp, 4-H Consumer Bowl Contest, Jr. Livestock June Show, Blogs & Facebook

July/August  100 Years of 4-H, 4-H Summer Camp Recap, Food Storage & 72 hour kit, Food Sense, The Ag Man-Stay Safe in the Heat, , Fair entry information for 4-H exhibits, Jr. Livestock June Show Results, Summer in the Park, Fair Volunteer Judges, 4-H Money Camp

September / October  Morgan County 4-H at the Fair, 4-H State Fair, 4-H Volunteer Awards, 4-H AfterSchool Clubs, Holidaze 111, The Ag Man-What is Blossom End Rot?, Food Sense, Family Fun Nights, Food Storage & 72 hour kit, Centennial Celebration Banquet.