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    What is 4-H?

    4-H is for boys and girls, grades K-12.  The program emphasizes "learning by doing" for the growth and development of youth.  4-H is the nation's largest Positive Youth Development Program. Through our unique partnership with USU Extension we are able to provide opportunities for youth throughout Utah! 4-H offers a wide variety of programs, after school, projects, contests, camps and events from livestock to sewing, and leadership to robotics!

    4-H is run through volunteer-led clubs.  4-H clubs are a safe place to explore new interests, learn through trial and error and make new friends --all while having the support of a caring mentor. 

    Clubs & Projects

    In our traditional 4-H clubs there are 2 options for which you can volunteer. You can run a Family Club for your family where you could focus on what you would like your children to learn and have them work on projects to enter into the fair, or you can be a leader of a Community Club where you invite children in the neighborhood to participate in a club with other children of similar ages so you can tailor your lessons to a particular age group.

    Project areas are a great way to not only develop interests but also to gain new life skills.

    4-H has more than 150 projects from which to choose. Some of these include:

    • Robotics
    • Sewing
    • Livestock
    • Photography
    • Public Speaking
    • Cooking 
    • Horses

    Enrollment & Fees

    To get started, each 4-H family will need to set up a family account. Once that is completed you can add family members to your account (this is where you will add clubs and projects). 

    To register, go to http://ut.4honline.com

    Please call if you are having problems enrolling or with any questions 801.829.3472

    Fees:  Fees for Morgan County 4-H are $10 per youth annually.  Livestock projects are $10 annually ($20 total).  Horse projects are $10 annually ($20 total).  To pay your fees, please do one of the following:

    Option 1:  Pay online with a credit card when you enroll for 4-H through 4honline.com

    Option 2:  Stop by the USU Extension office located in the Morgan County Courthouse, 48 West Young Street, Room 27A and pay with cash or check.  We WILL NOT be able to accept credit cards in office.

    To participate in the Morgan County Fair youth must be registered and fees paid by June 1st of the 4-H year to participate in 4-H, includes entering exhibits into the fair.


    Important Enrollment Fee Information!

    Utah State University and Utah 4-H are implementing changes to the 4-H program that will benefit members in Morgan County. These changes include: 4-H Member and Volunteer Supplemental Insurance, 4-H Volunteer Background Checks, 4-H Online Support and Customer Service, and Online Payment using 4-H Online.


    Due to these changes, the state will be applying a mandatory $10.00 enrollment fee which will affect county annual enrollment fees. Morgan County 4-H will charge an additional $10.00 enrollment fee for horse and livestock members only. As always, any county fees collected for horse and livestock will help to provide funding for county events, achievements and recognition, and offset the costs of running those programs. Regular 4-H enrollment will not have an extra county fee on top of the $10.00 state fee.


    Beginning January 1, 2017 new enrollment totals (state fee + county fee) are as follows: Horse enrollment $20.00, Livestock enrollment $20.00; Regular 4-H enrollment $10.00 (Payment through 4-H online is now available).  Adult volunteers will be required to enroll through 4-H Online as in the past and will not be charged any fees.  If you have any questions regarding the new state enrollment fee, please contact Morgan County 4-H at 801-829-3472 or the Utah 4-H State Office at 435-797-4444.