4-H Horse Program


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    4-H Horse Program

    horse4-H Horse Program is designed for those youth with interest in horses and horse events.  This program is designed to provide experiences to help them develop leadership, citizenship, self-esteem, social skills and to become contributing members of society, as well as becoming better horse men and women.

    The 4-H Horse Program is for youth in grades 3-12, but not younger than 8 years old, as of October 1 of the current 4-H year.  In order to provide for the safety and best interests of the participants, Cloverbuds (youth in K-2nd grades) are not eligible to participate in the 4-H Horse Program.  Enthusiastic 4-H volunteers with expertise and interest in horses and working with youth help deliver and manage the program and its objectives.

    To participate in the riding and showing portion of the 4-H Horse Program, members need to own or have access to their own horse.  Helmets are required in horse riding events.

    Youth must first enroll in the Morgan County 4-H program and pay the State 4-H fee of $10.  After payment and registration is approved you'll be able to register the member in a project.  Help with enrollment and registration can be found here.

    • Enrollment & Payment completed online through http://ut.4honline.com  ($20.00) by June 1st of the 4-H year.


    • **NEW THIS YEAR** Youth must "register for a horse project" by "registering member in an event" through 4-H Online just like you would for a horse show registration.  Youth will then pay the $10 for a Horse Project.

    Morgan Horse 4-H Council - 2017

    President:  Lisa Clark

    Vice President:  Kacie Straw

    Secretary:  Candice Noss

    Treasurer:  Geni Rowser

    Show Secretary:  Jennifer Haddock


    Important Dates:

    October 1,2017 - NEW 4-H BEGINS, re-enroll or enroll to make sure you receive important information.

    October 24, 2017 - YEAR END PARTY & OFFICE ELECTIONS


    2018 Horse Show Dates & Test Questions 

    Youth must register for the shows online through ut.4honline.com, registration will not be accepted the day of the shows.  Show fees must also be paid before the show and can be done online through ut.4honline.com, in the 4-H office with a check.  NO CASH OR CREDIT CARDS

    Show tests are created through a program made from Utah 4-H.

    Spring - TBA 

    Test Questions will be from:Horse & Horsemanship All Age Groups: Chapters 1-3 

    Horse Science Intermediate & Seniors: Chapters 1-5

    Summer - TBA

    Test Questions will be from: Horse & Horsemanship All Age Groups: Chapters 1-6

    Horse Science Intermediate & Seniors: Chapters 1-10

    Fair Show - TBA

    Test Questions will be from:Horse & Horsemanship All Age Groups:  Chapters 1-11

    Horse Science Intermediate & Seniors: Chapters 1-15




    A portfolio is an organized collection of a person's progress, achievements, contributions, and efforts that demonstrate accomplishments, size and growth over time.  4-H Portfolios contain important records that can be utilized in applying for scholarships and future employment.  Portfolios set the stage for organization, record keeping and leadership.

    Resources for Morgan County Horse 4-H