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    4-H Portfolio

    A portfolio is an organized collection of a person's progress, achievements, contributions, and efforts that demonstrate accomplishments, size and growth over time.  4-H Portfolios contain important records that can be utilized in applying for scholarships and future employment.  Portfolios set the stage for organization, record keeping and leadership. 

    Portfolio Forms - Includes Entry Form

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    All Forms (PDF Printable version)

    All Forms (PDF Fillable version*)
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    Fillable PDF by Section

    Cover Sheet

    Section 1 Project Report Form

    Section 2 Experiences & Activities

    Section 3 Entries, awards & recognitions

    Section 4 Leadership

    Section 5 Community Service

    Section 6 Non 4-H Experiences

    Section 7 My 4-H Story

    Section 8 4-H Photos

    Portfolio Dividers

    Portfolio Submission Form-State Only 


    Example project reports for Section 1 - Project Report Form



    Judging Rubrics