On Line Courses


The Multicultural Learning Network, previously known as Community Learning Center (CLC) was created in partnership with other institutions: the Mexican federal government, through the Ministry of Social Development, the state and local governments, businesses, universities and civil society organizations, in order to open opportunities for community development. Generally, physical spaces are provided by local partners, computers and the internet as well, and the ITM system provides the knowledge, content, technology and virtual space educational model to enhance the talent of citizens.

The courses are given in the DLN http://cca.org.mx are:

Basic English for a Daily Life
Information Technology
public administration
social responsibility
Latinos in USA
Culture of Health

CALFNES online free of charge bilingual program (Computer Assisted Language For Non English Speakers), is now in the public school system, got the attention of the Mexican Federal Government, which in turn has led to recognition and connections with other federal officials and private businesses who provide educational programs to Mexicans living abroad. http://ocw.usu.edu/University_Extension/CALFNES_Spanish/index.html


Khan Academy

Online school free courses, math, science, history, geography, and many others to support student learning www.khanacademy.org