Fillmore Teen Council


 Everyone is looking to get ahead in this world, and a good way to do that is to gain leadership and human relations skills. An exciting and fun way to do this is through your local county 4-H Teen Council. The 4-H program has much to offer through activities, clubs, camps, and contests. By serving on a Teen Council, a person can gain leadership skills by volunteering ideas and helping to carry out those plans made by the council.

 Some events the 4-H Teen Council may have responsibility for include:

·         4-H Day at the County Fair

·         Achievement night

·         Community service

Fillmore 4-H Teen Council Officers

Fillmore 4-H Region Ambassadors

  • Nathan Camp
  • Kjell Rasmussen
  • Beau Gehre
  • Wesley West
  • Austin Johnson

        Fillmore 4-H State Ambassador