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Hunter Safety Education

 Hunter Safety Class

A Utah Hunter Safety course, sponsored by Juab County 4-H, will begin October 3.  Roy Hooper will be the instructor.  The course will be held October 3, 7, and 14 with an additional date to be determined.  The classes will take place in the Fairgrounds Multi-Purpose Building.  The shooting test date will be announced.  Class times are 6:30 pm to approximately 9:30 pm.  
The procedure to register for the class is to first, go to a state licensing location such as 4-D Plumbing to apply and pay the $10.00 registration at the licensing location.  You will need the Social Security Number of the hunter to get the license. They will print off a Hunter Education License, which both you and your parent will need to sign and bring to the Extension office to register for the class ($2 enrollment fee).   After you have completed the class, the instructor will sign the form and send it in.  The location of the Extension office is 160 North Main, Nephi, on the east side of the courthouse.  Class size is limited to 35 and registration will be offered on a first come first served basis.  Contact the Extension Office at 623-3450 for more information.


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