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‘I Still Do Challenge’ Activity Cards Due

 For those of you who are interested in taking part in our ‘I Still Do Challenge’, there is still time and cash available for more couples to join us.  Sign up at USU Extension at 160 N. Main in Nephi, and pick up your own ‘I Still Do’ activity card and Utah Marriage Handbook.  

Also a reminder to all ‘I Still Do’ participating couples--the deadline to turn in your completed ‘I Still Do’ Activity Card is April 30, by 5 pm.  Items to turn in:

·   Completed I Still Do Activity Card ($20)
·   2 Surveys, completed ($5)
·   1 page ‘What Difference Have These Activities Made in our Relationship’ paper
We hope that by doing the ‘I Still Do’ activities, you and your spouse have spent quality time together and have had fun nurturing your relationship.   


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