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Single-Load Laundry Detergent Safety

Last week, President Obama proclaimed March 17 through March 23, 2013, as National Poison Prevention Week to encourage Americans to learn more about the dangers of accidental poisonings.   For more than fifty years, many organizations have been members of the National Poison Prevention Week Council, working to collectively increase the volume on safety messages to help protect our loved ones from accidental poisonings in the home.  
This year, American Cleaning Institute (ACI) is increasing public awareness of the safe use and storage of single-load liquid laundry packets, during National Poison Prevention Week.  This new type of laundry detergent is convenient and easy to use and is becoming more familiar to U.S. consumers.  Consumers need to be aware that the packets contain concentrated detergent which can be harmful if swallowed or exposed to eyes.  It is important for parents and caregivers to use and store this product properly, just as with any other cleaning product in the home.
A longtime theme of the poster contest for National Poison Prevention Week has been: Kids act fast, so do poisons.  Preventative measures can help stop this from happening.  It is possible for parents and caregivers to prevent accidents in the home with these products and prevent a trip to a medical facility.
Nancy Bock, Sr. Vice President of Education at the American Cleaning Institute suggests the following safety reminders regarding single-load liquid laundry packets:  
  • Do not let children or pets handle laundry packets to prevent unintended exposure
  • Do not puncture or pull packets apart
  • Store out of children’s sight and reach.  Bright colors of packets may look like candy.
  • Packets quickly dissolve upon contact with water, wet hands, or saliva
  • Handle with care.  Packets can rupture, releasing contents into eyes
  • If you think a child has been exposed to a single-load liquid laundry packet, call your local poison center at 1-800-222-1222 immediately.
For best laundry results:
·         Read package labels before using.
  • Keep the re-closable bag or container tightly sealed and dry during storage.
  • Add single-load liquid laundry packets to the bottom – also known as the drum – of the washing machine, both for top-loader and high-efficiency front-loader machines, before adding clothes.
·         Do not put this product in your machine’s dispenser drawer.
  • Do not cut or tear the single-load liquid laundry packets. They are designed to dissolve completely in the machine, even in cold water.
  • Read the product label to determine how much product you should use.
  • Do not use the single-load liquid laundry packets for washing laundry by hand or to pretreat fabric.
  • If the single-load liquid laundry packets stick together, throw them away.
  • As with other laundry products, keep product in its original container with intact labels.
  • Store products away from water and food, as you would with other laundry products.



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